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COVID-19 Disaster Payment – Queensland

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Please be sure to head to the following link to check your eligibility for the most recent Covid-19 disaster payment applicable for those affected by the most recent lockdown in SE Queensland.

This is a lump sum payment for those who were unable to work due to the public health order.  There are eligibility rules which apply, it is specific to your location at the time of lockdown as well as different pay periods. The amount you receive is based on your specific situation. 

You are able to claim as either an Australian citizen or an eligible visa holder.  You are able to apply after the public order has been lifted.

Be sure to create a myGov account if you have not already done so and link Centrelink to it using your Customer Reference Number.

The amount you will receive depends on the location of the health order, the period you’re claiming for and the hours of work you lost.  See table below extracted from the Services Australia website.

Period date rangeAmount if you lost less than 20 hours work that weekAmount if you lost 20 hours or more that week
1 August to 7 August 2021$450$750
8 August$450$750

Follow this link to check your eligibility:  COVID-19 Disaster Payment – Queensland if you don’t get a Centrelink payment – Services Australia